Founded in 1991, Advantage Energy Services Ltd. (AESL) is a Calgary based upstream oil & gas consulting and optimization service company that provides a structured approach to adding value for our clients. Our strategic core group of technical and business operations specialists have created over $400 million CAD of asset value increases for our clients. Founder Earl Hickok was a Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Distinguished Lecturer in 1996 on New Technology in Production Operations and has kept his finger on the pulse of the industry as it has evolved and progressed over the ensuing 20+ years. With technical joint ventures and contract work assignments around the world, AESL has always focused on elevating performance with Better, Faster, Cheaper results in a collaborative approach with our partners and clients to squeeze out more barrels and value.

We believe we know the Western Canadian oil & gas basin as well as anyone in the industry and see incredible opportunities in the current challenging business cycle. We would be pleased to share our vision for success and discuss exciting growth potential with new friends and forward looking partners from around the world.